La Meringata

Matthan Gori's first meringue dress.

For the Milan Fashion Week February 2015, Maison Matthan Gori presented its very first meringue dress, fashioned with real meringues fresh from the oven: the dress challenged and rejected ideas of beauty that associate femininity with surreal body images which do not reflect the diverse forms of feminine beauty.

Meringue dress usually refers to very wide wedding dresses, in a slightly derogatory tone, due to their wide forms and resemblance to meringues.

Wedding gowns designed by Matthan Gori have always been characterized by their graceful and elegant style, wrapping around the curves of the female body, in contrast to the stereotypical meringue dress characterized by tight bodices and full pompous skirts. So the challenge for the project was to fashion a harmonious and elegant bridal gown in line with Matthan Gori’s style but literally fashioned from more than 2,000 sweet meringues, of various shapes sizes and colors, skillfully assembled creating an amazing visual effect!