In the vastness of the night sky every little bright star is a huge world of its own, and so is every bride, with all her unique qualities, stories and journey of life. That is why Matthan Gori gave life to his Étoile collection, an entire collection of truly unique and exclusively fashioned wedding gowns. This concept informed Matthan Gori’s project for the design week: a wedding gown made of light and self-supporting lace, expressing the uniqueness of a bride in her most important day and the lightness and the brightness of that moment.

"For design week we thought, in a “very original way”, to create yet another conceptual lamp that no one will never use, but which hopefully make people reflect on the implications of such a design while admiring it. To paraphrase a famous quote we would say that there are more lamps created for the design week than dark corners to illuminate. With Étoile in a self-critical way, we wanted to add a star to the many already illuminating the skies! " - Matthan Gori