A poetic and critical interpretation of Expo Milano’s theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”: Be-IN.

Be-IN is a cultivable wedding dress. A gown that can infuse life through love and sustain it on itself, embodying numerous micro-gardens, sprouting seedlings of legumes.

The micro-gardens that make up the wedding dress will be sold as brooches with which visitors can accessorize their outfits. The micro-gardens will reflect the personality of the carrier as their lifespan will depend on their love and. If the visitor sees the micro-garden as a disposable object and throws it out at the end of its sprouting cycle, the micro-garden will die. If the visitors choose to plant the micro-garden at the end of its sprouting cycle and take care of it following the guide provided by Matthan Gori, they will nurture new life.

Matthan Gori’s exhibition invites visitors to reflect on and confront their attitude towards fashion and encourages them to embrace a more sustainable sense of fashion.